“Welcome academy initiates! We will be teaching you the skills necessary to become a ninja, and how to prepare yourself for the road ahead. First, let’s learn more about all of you.”

Character Creation (The character sheet)
This section will break down the different areas of the character sheet, the different stats, and what they actually govern in game. First, let’s cover the main sections on the character sheet.

Character sheet

On the left side:
Elements/Bloodline (Also referred to as Chakra Nature sometimes)
• Outer ring covers standard elements in order of dominance. (see Chakra Nature) The center is reserved for special elements or bloodline limits (ex. Ice Element or Sharingan)
Primary Core Stats (Separated as Jutsu skills, and Character traits)
• Jutsu skills both keep track of how many specific jutsu you can learn, as well as give bonuses to those skills. So if your Ninjutsu score is 3, then you can learn up to 3 Ninjutsu skills, such as fireball. If you have a 0 in any Jutsu score, this is permanent, and known as a “Glaring Weakness”. More on this later.
• This section covers bonuses to different traits. These bonuses can come from purchased abilities, (such as Byakugan or Sharingan) from your chakra nature, or purchased directly at character creation. (and possibly at certain points later on if GM allows) These bonuses can be permanent or semi-permanent depending on the source of the bonus. More on this later and don’t worry, it is actually very easy and intuitive, even to new players.
On the right side:
• This section has all your basic information such as name, your birth element (chakra nature) & what bonuses you get from it, rank, money, and current/max health, chakra, and XP. Generally, the circles hold your ‘current’ levels of HP,CHA, and XP, while the boxes below hold your current max of each of those.
• The open space below can be used in whatever fashion you like. Items, move cheat sheets, or anything else that you need to have in front of you often can go here.
On the inside: (or on the back if you printed the above as a single side of paper)
• On current character sheets, the paper is on its side instead of upright. The right side folds over to where you see the center(ish) divider. When you open the right side, you have an additional ‘hidden’ area. What is this used for? JUTSU
• The inside pocket section is used to document all of the jutsu you have learned, while also keeping how much (or little) you know a secret from everyone else. It often occurs that you have to fight another human player, and the last thing you want is to have them know that you only know one or two moves really well. That’s a big disadvantage to overcome! Keeping moves in your pocket section will keep people guessing.
• If your character sheet has the pocket fold, then you also have a blank space on the back as well. Like the blank space on the front of the character sheet, the back is used however you would like to use it. You could have summons on the back, with their stats, you could have the details of complicated jutsu listed, or anything else.
This covers the basics of the character sheet. Next we’ll learn the rules for creating a character for the first time.

“No two people are exactly alike. It is the same with ninja.”
Character Creation (creating a Gennin)
When creating a new character, you have the option to start out as a Gennin, Chunnin, or even a Jounin depending on what is allowed by the Game Master. There are limitations to creating characters of these higher levels, and a character that has started from the beginning will ALWAYS have more going for it than a ‘power leveled’ one. (more on this later)
Gennin characters are given 100 XP to spend as they see fit with the following limitations:
No more than 25 XP can be spent on Core Stats. (Chakra Nature is not a Core Stat)
Most Gennin have an average of three in every core stat, with one or more boosted higher that are important to the player and character’s survival.

Core stat scores cannot be less than one. (see ‘Glaring Weakness’ for the exception.)
Core stats signify your ability to do basic actions, such as run, dodge, and mold chakra. A zero in any of these signifies that you have absolutely no ability to do something. This is permanent for the rest of your characters life.

You may spend any number of points on bonuses or other special ‘player qualities’
There are some things that you can only do at character creation. An example of this is if you wanted to have the Sharingan, or if you wanted to be able to learn the Ice Element. Both of these are bloodline limits, which require a quality called Genetic Inheritance to unlock. Genetic Inheritance has an XP cost to purchase. (20XP) This helps to balance your character with others of your level. In this example, you would have an ability that most wouldn’t, but they would have more general stats than you. (Usually jutsu in this case)

Also, at character creation, Health and Chakra can be purchased to increase your total HP/CHA pools. If the Game Master allows it, it is also possible to do this again when you reach Chuunin and Jounin level. At any rate, it can be well worth the XP

You have one free point to place in Chakra Nature (Not in Bloodline Limit)
As every character is born with an affinity towards a certain element, a free point is given to reflect this. Each element grants a bonus, so some thought will have to go into which element you choose. This is only the element you are born with, and does not mean you cannot learn others. (see Chakra Nature)
Character Creation (Understanding the Stats)
Currently, the standard stats cap at 10 (not including bonuses). The Power, Initiative, and Damage Reduction ‘combo’ stats cap at 20 (not including bonuses) being that their scores are the totals of other stas.
STR- Strength: Base damage when physically attacking.
STA- Stamina: Base CHA regained per turn.
[POWER]: The combination of STR and STA. This stat is what your HP and CHA scores are found with. HP= POWER x2 +10 CHA= POWER x3
PER- Perception: Base max distance one is aware of surroundings.
REF- Reflex: Governs the number of rounds (actions) one has during a turn.
[INITIATIVE]: A combination of PER and REF. This stat signifies how quickly you react to situations, and thus your turn placement during battles.
SPD- Speed: Distance one can move in one round.
DDG- Dodge: This skill actually controls how many times you can perform a replacement jutsu- thus avoiding damage completely (in most cases). This score is how many times you can perform a replacement PER BATTLE. Use these wisely.
[DAMAGE REDUCTION]: This relatively new stat is of course the combination of SPD and DDG. This stat attempts to reflect the fact that we all try to take minimal damage from attacks coming at us. Nobody is going to stand still and let a giant fireball hit them (unless they are paralyzed). With the addition of the REF stat and the inclusion of rounds in gameplay, something had to be done to keep a player from getting totally crushed if they ran out of rounds while against multiple opponents.
This stat is more of a reflexive dodge. If a player is about to take damage, this stat activates automatically if the player is out of rounds- and thus normally unable to even be able to step out of the way. Damage equaling the D.Reduction score is negated. Other effects may or may not be negated, which is up to the Game Master.

Upgrading Stats:
At Character creation, all core stats, and most skills are purchased at a 1/1 ratio. The skill Concentrate is one exception, being purchased at 5x(skill level) regardless.
• Core Stat Upgrade: New value of stat x2
• Skill Upgrade: New value of skill
• Chakra pool/HP: 1 point/1 point
• Element Stat: New value of stat x2 and 5x(elements known) to unlock a new element. Can unlock additional element when known elements are lvl 5+
• Chakra Control: New value of skill


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